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12 Linux Rsync Examples,you simply like it,excellent must read it

By word Rsync means remote sync.Rsync command is used to sync two folders locally or remotely across hosts.Rsync has upper hand compared to “scp” command because it uses encryption and decryption while sending and receiving.rsync not only copies data ,it also copies links, devices, owners, groups and permissions from source to the target. rsync command initially copies data… Read More »

15 Linux scp command examples mind-blowing

scp means secure copy.scp is used to copy file’s across hosts without using any other third party tools.I have used “winscp” without knowing the benefit of “scp”.Once,i have started using “scp”,i never look back for transferring the files across hosts. Scp command will be installed with basic Linux OS installation.Along with SSH,it comes as free. Example 1: Simple… Read More »

20 Linux Tar command Examples

By Word expanding Tar means Tape Archive.Tar command is Linux Zip kind of Software,means it is used to zip the files and folders.Like on windows (.zip) files,we have .tar.gz  (or)  .tgz extension on linux.Means,if you find any folder/file with this extension,you called it as a zipped file.Possible extension of linux zipped files are tarball or tar, gzip and bzip.… Read More »

15 Linux awk command examples,Enriching your command on Linux

awk means authors (“Aho, Weinberger, and Kernighan” )  of awk programming language.Awk mostly used for pattern search in multiple files and process the lines.It is not less than programming language. It has Variables,functions as so on.We can write awk scripts and awk commands too. As everyone says,awk reads each line as record like row in table record.With the help… Read More »

20 Linux Top Command Examples made easy to remember

Linux “Top” command displays information about the Processor activity.It displays information related to cpu and memory used by the each process.Top Command provides real time view of System Performance.Name of the “Top” command suggests you that,it displays information around processes which uses more cpu and memory.Top command is great utility to find out why Server is crying with… Read More »