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How to Compile and Run C/C++ Programs on Windows in 60 Seconds

I have struggled for running c & c++ programs using different tools and its difficult configuration.After my research,i found one tool called “MinGW” Software,it has c/c++ compiler suite.It’s very easy to use. All we need to do is Just install the software in 30 Seconds and run your program in next 30 seconds.Before,we go and install this software,lets… Read More »

Printing source code of a C program itself

Problem Statement: Display the current running program as it is. Problem Solution: Read the same program File. Example: sampleTestProgram.c Solution Language: Using C __FILE__ is standard predefined macros are specified by the relevant language.This is the path by which the preprocessor opened the file, not the short name specified in ‘#include’. FYI: All pre defined macros start with… Read More »