About Us

Hello Everyone,

I am Srini founder of  “www.SimplyLearnTopics.com”. Thank you for visiting my blog.

                                                                                               Founder of “SimplyLearnTopics.com”

I have started this blog with aim of solving the problems which i faced during my Education,Career and Interviews and many places.


About SimplyLearnTopics.com

It’s Wonderful Collections of  Questions and Superb Answers on “Stacks,Queues,Maps,Vectors,Linked Lists,Trees” and Languages like “C,C++” and Java Technologies.

I am looking for Helping Hands to make it Great Blog on Data Structures and Algorithms.

If you have any suggestion, you can contact us through our SimplyLearnTopics.com Facebook page or through our contact us page.
Stay updated and Stay tuned!
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Myself SRINIVAS DARIPELLI. I have 15+ Years of Experience in Programming worked on multiple technologies.Apart from it,I am a blogger, writer, editor, artist and dad 🙂 .I believe in reality.I love to share the Helpful things around the Technology. Feel free to connect with me